April Newsletter (1)

PROGRAMS Learn about the Solar Eclipse Saturday, April 6th from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. for all ages Get ready for the solar eclipse of a lifetime. Mark Reinemann will present a brief program about what you should know to watch the 2024 solar eclipse, which occurs on April 8. To see the solar eclipse, three things must be in alignment: the sun, the moon, and you! What makes this eclipse so special is that the sun is going through a period of heightened activity, which will make the outer layer (corona) much larger and dynamic than at the last eclipse. Also, there is a slight chance that a comet may be visible if you have a pair of binoculars to use during totality. The next total solar eclipse after this one will be in 2044. Come and learn how an eclipse occurs so you will be ready to stand in the shadow of the moon. (If you don’t already have a pair of eclipse glasses, there should be some available at the program.)