July 2024 newsletter

HOURS Library Pick-up Lockers and Book Drop are available 24/7 CLOSED THURSDAY, JULY 4 Monday through Thursday 9 am - 7 pm Friday 9 am - 5 pm Saturday 10 am - 2 pm New Recommended Releases: 7/2: Beyond Summerland - J. Lecoat The German occupation is over. The Channel Islands, the only captured territory within the British Isles, are finally liberated. But the people of Jersey are left as scarred as the landscape. No longer a “summerland” holiday paradise, the island now boils with tension as locals seek revenge on anyone suspected of collaborating with the enemy during the war. Breaking the Dark - L. Jewell The morning a distraught mother comes into her office, Jessica would prefer to nurse her hangover and try to forget last night’s poor choices. But something about Amber Randall’s story strikes a chord with her. Amber is adamant that something happened to her teenage twins while they were visiting their father in the UK. The twins don’t act like themselves, and they now have flawless skin, have lost their distinctive tics and habits, and keep talking about a girl named Belle. Amber insists her children have been replaced by something horrible, something “perfect.” The Cliffs - J. Sullivan On a secluded bluff overlooking the ocean sits a Victorian house, lavender with gingerbread trim, a home that contains a century’s worth of secrets. By the time Jane Flanagan discovers the house as a teenager, it has long been abandoned. The place is an irresistible mystery to Jane. There are still clothes in the closets, marbles rolling across the floors, and dishes in the cupboards, even though no one has set foot there in decades. The house becomes a hideaway for Jane, a place to escape her volatile mother.

The God of the Woods - L. Moore Early morning, August 1975: a camp counselor discovers an empty bunk. Its occupant, Barbara Van Laar, has gone missing. Barbara isn’t just any thirteen-year-old: she’s the daughter of the family that owns the summer camp and employs most of the region’s residents. And this isn’t the first time a Van Laar child has disappeared. Barbara’s older brother similarly vanished fourteen years ago, never to be found. 7/9: All This and More - P. Shepherd Meek, play-it-safe Marsh has just turned forty-five, and her life is in shambles. Her career is stagnant, her marriage has imploded, and her teenage daughter grows more distant by the day. Marsh is convinced she’s missed her chance at everything - romance, professional fulfillment, and adventure - and is desperate for a do-over. The Briar Club - K. Quinn Washington, DC, 1950. Everyone keeps to themselves at Briarwood House, a down-atthe-heels all-female boardinghouse in the heart of the nation’s capital where secrets hide behind white picket fences. But when the lovely, mysterious widow Grace March moves into the attic room, she draws her oddball collection of neighbors into unlikely friendship: poised English beauty Fliss, whose facade of perfect wife and mother covers gaping inner wounds; policeman’s daughter Nora, who finds herself entangled with a shadowy gangster; frustrated baseball star Beatrice, whose career has come to an end along with the women’s baseball league of WWII; and poisonous, gung-ho Arlene, who has thrown herself into McCarthy’s Red Scare. Long Island Compromise - T. Brodesser-Akner In 1980, a wealthy businessman named Carl Fletcher is kidnapped from his driveway, brutalized, and held for ransom. He is returned to his wife and kids less than a week later, only slightly the worse, and the family moves on with their lives, resuming their prized places in the saga of the American dream, comforted in the realization that though their money may have been what endangered them, it is also what assured them their safety. Zero Option - P. Kirsanow Wild Bill Donovan, the charismatic leader of the OSS, has intelligence that someone is planning to assassinate either or both of the Western leaders at the conference. He sends his best agent, Dick Canidy, to thwart the plan, but how can he do that when he doesn't even know if the killer is a Nazi or an Ally? 7/16: The Au Pair Affair - T. Bailey Tallulah is smart, vivacious, and studying to be a marine biologist. She’s also twenty-six and broke. So when Burgess, a battle-scarred hockey veteran and newly single dad, offers her a job as his live-in nanny, she jumps at the opportunity to get paid while living in a super fancy neighborhood and being around Lissa, his cool but introverted tween. The Bright Sword - L. Grossman

The first major Arthurian epic of the new millennium, The Bright Sword is steeped in tradition, full of duels and quests, battles and tournaments, magic swords and fisher kings. It also sheds a fresh light on Arthur’s Britain, a diverse, complex nation struggling to come to terms with its bloody history. The Bright Sword is a story about imperfect men and women, full of strength and pain, who are looking for a way to reforge a broken land in spite of being broken themselves. A Novel Summer - J. Brenner Author Shelby Archer found inspiration for her first novel while living on the picturesque shores of Provincetown on Cape Cod. When she comes to the town to celebrate her new bestseller, she is expecting a warm homecoming. But instead she is confronted with the cold shoulders of friends and neighbors who feel exposed and betrayed. One Big Happy Family - J. Day The Precipice is a legendary, family-owned hotel on the rocky coast of Maine. With the recent passing of their father, the Bishop sisters - Iris, Vicki, and Faith - have come for the weekend to claim it. But with a hurricane looming and each of the Bishop sisters harboring dangerous secrets, there's murder in the air, and not everyone who checks into the Precipice will be checking out. 7/23: Bad River - M. Cameron In the Inupiaq village of Wainwright on the Arctic Ocean, two teenagers discover a frozen body in the permafrost wall of their family’s cellar. They recognize the face through the ice. It is the face of a young woman who went missing - two years ago. Death on the Tiber - L. Davis First century Rome is plagued by all the evils the have beset major cities since time immemorial: crime, corruption, squalor, and worst of all, tourists. When a barge full of those entitled creatures arrives in Rome, they hit all the touristy hot-spots (the Amphitheatre, the Capitol, the dodgy bars with dubious entertainments) before departing for the next destination – leaving behind one of their party, dead and floating in the Tiber. While the authorities first try to pass her death off as a suicide, it’s quickly proved that the victim strangled to death and her body dumped. When Flavia Albia, a private informer, learns that the victim was in Rome searching for the man who abandoned her, Florius, Albia’s vicious nemesis, Albia is determined to find out the truth behind the murder and finally have her revenge. The Lost Boy of Santa Chionia - J. Grames Calabria, 1960. Francesca Loftfield, a twenty-seven-year-old, starry-eyed American, arrives in the isolated mountain village of Santa Chionia tasked with opening a nursery school. There is no road, no doctor, no running water or electricity. And thanks to a recent flood that swept away the post office, there’s no mail, either. Most troubling, though, is the human skeleton that surfaced after the flood waters receded. Who is it? And why don’t the police come and investigate? When the local priest's housekeeper begs Francesca to help determine if the remains are those of her long-missing son, Francesca begins to ask a lot of inconvenient questions. 7/30:

Return to Wyldcliffe Heights - C. Goodman Agnes Corey, a junior editor at a small independent publisher, has been hired by enigmatic author Veronica St. Clair to transcribe the sequel to her 1993 hit phenomenon, The Secret of Wyldcliffe Heights. St. Clair has been a recluse since the publication of the Jane Eyre-esque book, which coincided with a terrible fire that blinded and scarred her. Arriving in the Hudson Valley at St. Clair’s crumbling estate, which was once a psychiatric hospital for “wayward women,” Agnes is eager to ensure St. Clair’s devoted fans will get the sequel they’ve been anticipating for the past thirty years. Slow Dance - R. Rowell Back in high school, everybody thought Shiloh and Cary would end up together . . . everybody but Shiloh and Cary. Now Shiloh’s thirty-three, and it’s been fourteen years since she talked to Cary. She’s been married and divorced. She has two kids. And she’s back living in the same house she grew up in. Her life is nothing like she planned. When she’s invited to an old friend’s wedding, all Shiloh can think about is whether Cary will be there - and whether she hopes he will be. Would Cary even want to talk to her? After everything? What Have You Done? - S. Lapina The teenagers get their kicks telling ghost stories in the old graveyard. The parents trust their kids will arrive home safe from school. Everyone knows everyone. Curtains rarely twitch. Front doors are left unlocked. But Diana Brewer isn’t lying safely in her bed where she belongs. Instead she lies in a hayfield, circled by vultures, discovered by a local farmer. Our Readers Liked: Becoming Madam Secretary - S. Pray Raised on tales of her revolutionary ancestors, Frances Perkins arrives in New York City at the turn of the century, armed with her trusty parasol and an unyielding determination to make a difference. When Frances meets a young lawyer named Franklin Delano Roosevelt at a tea dance, sparks fly in all the wrong directions. She thinks he’s a rich, arrogant dilettante who gets by on a handsome face and a famous name. He thinks she’s a priggish bluestocking and insufferable do-gooder. Neither knows it yet, but over the next twenty years, they will form a historic partnership that will carry them both to the White House. The Bitter Past - B. Borgos Porter Beck is the sheriff in the high desert of Nevada, north of Las Vegas. Born and raised there, he left to join the Army, where he worked in Intelligence, deep in the shadows in far off places. Now he's back home, doing the same lawman's job his father once did, before his father started to develop dementia. All is relatively quiet in this corner of the world, until an old, retired FBI agent is found killed. He was brutally tortured before he was killed and clues at the scene point to a mystery dating back to the early days of the nuclear age. If that wasn't strange enough, a current FBI agent shows up to help Beck's investigation. Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice - E. Cosimano Finlay Donovan and her nanny/partner-in-crime Vero are in sore need of a girls’

weekend away. They plan a trip to Atlantic City, but odds are - seeing as it’s actually a cover story to negotiate a deal with a dangerous loan shark, save Vero’s childhood crush Javi, and hunt down a stolen car - it won’t be all fun and games. When Finlay’s ex-husband Steven and her mother insist on tagging along too, Finlay and Vero suddenly have a few too many meddlesome passengers along for the ride. I Will Ruin You - L. Barclay It’s a question everyone asks themselves, but few have to face in real life. English teacher Richard Boyle certainly never thought he would find himself talking down a former student intent on harming others, but when Mark LeDrew shows up at Richard’s school with a bomb strapped to his chest, Richard immediately jumps into action. Thanks to some quick thinking, he averts a major tragedy and is hailed as a hero, but not all the attention focused on him is positive. One Way Back - C. Blausey Ford In One Way Back, Ford recounts the months she spent trying to get information into the right hands without exposing herself and her family to dangerous backlash. Drawing parallels to her life as a surfer, she explains the process of paddling out into unknown waters despite the risks and fears, knowing there is only one way back to shore. The book reveals riveting new details about the lead up to her testimony and its overwhelming aftermath and describes how she continues to navigate her way out of the storm. Toxic Prey - J. Sandford A renowned expert in tropical and infectious diseases, Scott has witnessed the devastating impact of illness and turmoil at critical scale. Society as it exists is untenable, and the direct link to Earth’s death spiral; population levels are out of control and people have allowed disarray and disorder to run rampant. While most are concerned about deadly disease, Scott knows that it is truly humanity itself that will destroy Gaia. It’s only by removing the threat that the planet can continue to prosper, and luckily, Scott is just the right man for the job. Two Dead Wives - A. Parks It's a case that has gripped a nation: A woman with a shocking secret is missing, presumed dead. And her two husbands are suspects in her murder. DCI Clements knows the dark side of human nature and that love can make people do treacherous things. You can’t presume anything when it comes to crimes of the heart. Until a body is found, this scandalous and sad case remains wide open. Stacie Jones lives a quiet life in a small village, nursed by her father as she recovers from illness, and shielded from any news of the outside world. But their reclusive life is about to be shattered. How are these families linked, and can any of them ever rebuild their lives in the wake of tragedy?

CHILDREN Paws to Read is a chance for children grades 1st-5th to read to a non-judgmental listener. For many children, this allows them a chance to experience stress free reading; they’re able to relax and have fun while reading! Read with Roo, a 6-year-old retired Greyhound. He and his owner, Jan are certified for therapy through Pet Partners. We will have six 15-minute time slots available on Thursday, July 11 for children in grades 1st-5th from 4 - 5:30 pm. Registration begin Monday, June 24. One-time slot per child. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your time slot. Miss Kathleen will have books to choose from or you may bring a book from home. Pop In Play Wednesdays through July 31 (no session on July 3) from 10-10:30 am. Birth - 36 months with caregiver. National Treasure - Interactive Movie Kits are available beginning Monday, July 1. Pick up a movie kit at the front desk, available while supplies last. DVD are available for check out. The movie can also be streamed on Disney+ or Prime Video. Each kit has activities and snacks for 4 people. Downtown Scavenger Hunt For all ages. Pick up your scavenger hunt sheet at the Library beginning Friday, June 28. Return it by Saturday, July 6. Prize winner will be drawn on Monday, July 8. Fun with Science Drop in and learn about science and complete fun experiments with teen volunteers. Wednesday, July 10 and July 24 from 11 am - 1 pm. Ages entering K - entering 5th grade. No registration required. Adventure Mini Golf Drop in and play a round of mini golf in the library! Wednesday, July 17 from 10 am - 1 pm or 3 - 6 pm. For all ages; no registration. End of Summer Party Thursday July 25 from 4 - 6 pm. All ages. The Kona Ice truck will be here with a cool treat for you! We will have games, hula hoops, water balloons and more. Join us as we celebrate our fun summer at the library! Waynesville Food Pantry Help support our local food pantry. Gather your donations and drop them off at MLC. Items needed: peanut butter, canned soup, individual fruit cups, tuna, canned

chicken, granola bars. Read 1000 Books Before Kindergarten! Parents: Stop at the front desk to request your 1000 books log sheet. For every 100 books your child reads they earn a free book and a sticker! When your child reaches 1000 books they will receive a free book and a certificate of achievement. Imagination Library Help us give every child in Warren County the gift of a free book every month! Talk to your friends & family and share our posts far and wide. Register at ohioimaginationlibrary.org. If you need assistance in registering your child, please contact us and we will help. The goal of the Warren County Imagination Library is "Every Child Reads Every Day", and to help achieve that goal, the five Warren County libraries are funding a three-year pilot program to provide a free book each month to Warren County children from birth to age five. The Warren County Imagination Library is a community effort of founding partners: Franklin-Springboro Public Library, Lebanon Public Library, Mary L. Cook Public Library, Mason Public Library, Salem Township Public Library, United Way of Warren County, and Warren County Foundation, with support from The Ohio Governor's Imagination Library and Dolly Parton Imagination Library. ADULT Adult Summer Reading Program Every time you check out five items, get a chance to win one of our baskets on view in our entryway. The drawing will be held Friday, August 2. The Mind-Life Project will not be held in July. Watch for it in August!

Beekeeping 101 Are you interested in learning about honey bees? Please join Rob Garlick at the library on Thursday, July 11 at 5:30 pm. All ages welcome. In this session, Rob will discuss how bee colonies work, the difference in the three kinds of bees in the hive, and some of the different breeds of bees. He will have one style of a beehive (no live bees) with him to show how the comb is drawn out in the frames and how the bees utilize the frames. Rob can also discuss the some of the different hive types and pests of honey bees. Puzzle Swap/Puzzle Table We have a puzzle swap area near the Large Print book section. We have several puzzles available for you to look through to borrow. If you want to rotate your puzzle collection, bring one in and take one out. No checking out! We also have a puzzle currently available for you to sit down and work on while visiting here at the library. TEENS Ages 6th-12th grade - registration required. Dungeons & Dragons (required registration began June 24): Tuesday, July 9: 12 pm-1 pm - Learn what D&D is, how to play it, and create your own character. Tuesday, July 16: 12 pm-1 pm - Use the characters you created from the first session to play in a single session adventure.

Last day to turn in raffle tickets : Wednesday, July 31 from 9 am - 7 pm. Raffle winners will be notified on Friday, August 2.