Our Media Lab (iMac and VCR/DVD combo)

Have old home videos on VHS tapes? Now you can convert them to

DVDs and keep and share those memories! We now have a VCR/DVD Combo that can convert your personal VHS tapes to DVD as long as the original VHS tape is still in good condition. The VHS content is recorded only to a DVD-R or DVD-RW (DVD-RW is rewritable) disc. We have some you can purchase for $1 each. If you have a camcorder that plays a different type of tape (mini cassettes, etc.), you may be able to connect it to the Combo and record onto a DVD. If you wish to use this service, please call us (897-4826) to schedule time.

We are also excited to now have an iMac with iMovie and iPhoto. Scan your photos and upload them to a disc, USB, cloud storage, etc. With iMovie it is possible to create a video or slide show with your photos and music! Please call (897-4826) to schedule time on the iMac.