Teacher Card Registration

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Teacher Card Registration

Educators are entitled to a special library card with unique borrowing privileges. Teacher Card holders may:

  • Check out books, magazines, books on CD for 6 weeks. DVD’s for 1 week.
  • Request a teacher collection in person, by phone, or email welchka@marylcook.com. In 2-3 days, pick up the teacher collection at the library. Curbside pickup is available. Please specify reading level or age level, subject areas or general interests. 
  • Have monthly collections delivered to your school (Please contact Kathleen Welch at welchka@marylcook.com or 513-897-4826 for details)
  • Borrow “Big Books” from our collection. These are great for classroom sharing.
  • Request a classroom visit for a storytime or booktalk from our librarians.
  • Request an Assignment Alert. Send copies of your assignments, and we will post them at the Library along with details about where students can find the books and information they will need.


Who is an “Educator?”

  • Instructors at any grade level, including early childhood, substitute and student teachers
  • School or institutional librarians
  • Home school instructors
  • Certified Type B in-home childcare providers
  • Other verifiable educational employees as determined by Library staff
  • Adult daycare workers


Applying for an Educator Card

  • Complete the teacher registration online form or ask for teacher registration in person at Mary L. Cook Public Library.
  • Please contact Kathleen Welch at welchka@marylcook.com or 513-897-4826 with questions or for further information.


Extended Loans for Teachers

1. Qualifications: Any teacher in a public or private school may borrow library materials appropriate for the subject(s) or the grade level(s) taught for an extended loan period:

  • Books and Audio Materials (up to 50 items) Six (6) weeks
  • DVD’s – excluding starred DVD’s (up to 3 titles) One (1) week                   

2. Registration: The teacher must have a current library card and needs to complete a teacher registration form each school year. Each teacher will have two barcodes – one    for personal borrowing and one for extended teacher loans. Only after qualifying for and receiving a library card and completing the teacher registration form may a teacher take out library materials for an extended loan period.

3. Renewals: A teacher may NOT renew any materials on a teacher’s card. Materials may be renewed (if not reserved) on a personal card.

4. Fines: Teachers will no longer be charged fines on their Teacher Cards. However, if any library materials are lost or damaged the teacher is responsible for the cost of replacement.    


Additional Tips & Information on Teacher Loans

·Remember that you must have a personal library card that is current before you are eligible for a teacher card. You must register each school year for a teacher card.

·Choose DVDs that are appropriate for the ages of the children or the subject that you teach. Personal DVDs may be checked out on your personal library card.

·Find a special place to keep the materials receipt(s) each time you check out materials.  Mark off each item as you collect your materials to be returned by the due date indicated on the receipt. 

·When choosing a collection of books about a specific topic or subject, please try not to take all of the titles that the library owns on the topic.  For example, we have many books about dinosaurs so a collection of 15 books does not deplete this particular subject and leaves a selection for other patrons.  However, we only have nine juvenile books about guinea pigs and a collection of six books would significantly narrow the selection for anyone else.

·Materials you choose as a teacher should be related to the units of study or the subjects that you are teaching to your children. Please separate your materials into school and personal use. 

·We will gladly put together a teacher collection for you, please either email this request to Kathleen Welch (welchka@marylcook.com) or call (513) 897-4826. Please allow us 3 days to process this request.



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